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Still searching for a website completely devoted to high quality interactive adult games? Look no further! You've come to the right place. This site was designed to provide you with the best adult games online. The free area offers playable demos and a glimpse of what's available in the members area. Take the tour and learn more about the benefits of being a member. We have now over 800+ games to play with in the members area!

Happy Easter! - The Easter Bunny came today and decided to give all Strip Casino players a $300 bonus to your Strip Casino account. Be sure to check into the Strip Casino and click on the "Claim Bonus" in the "Account Information" screen. Enjoy!

Puzzles Update - We posted 7 new puzzles for you to play with! 3 Square Puzzles (SPuzzle 38, SPuzzle 39, SPuzzle 40) and 4 Imperfect Picture Puzzles (A039, C113, C114, C115).

STRIP BLACKJACK UPDATE - We got Strip Blackjack with Penthouse Pet of the Year (2005) Martina Warren in our Strip Blackjack games gallery. Come check out Martina Warren in a very sexy Red Riding Hood outfit! She is also available as a dealer in the Strip Casino.

We fixed a bug in the recent strip poker updates. The bug appeared only at the final nude stage where the models kept saying the same phrase repeatedly when you click on her. Thanks to those who reported this bug. Please be sure to clear your disk cache before playing again to get the latest version.

STRIP POKER UPDATE - We got our classic Strip Poker with Playboy Playmate Devin Devasquez up in our Strip Poker gallery! Come play with Genie Devin Devasquez and hear her sweet sexy voice. If you rub her magic lamp, she might grant you three wishes.

Puzzles Update - We posted 7 new puzzles for you to play with. 1 Vertical Jigsaw Puzzle (VPuzzle 192), 2 Square Puzzles (SPuzzle 36, SPuzzle37), 4 Imperfect Picture Puzzles (C111, C112, A037, A038).

Happy St. Patrick's Day

STRIP POKER UPDATE! - It's finally here! Strip Poker with Penthouse Pet (February 2005) Avery Adams! Come hear Avery Adams's sexy voice in our latest strip poker game! Don't forget to turn up your volume and remember to click on Avery as you're playing for the best experience. She'll have different things to say depending how far along you are in the game. Stay tuned! We'll be adding another Strip Game before the week is over!

To make up for the missing puzzle updates the past 3 weeks here is a run down of what was suppose to be updated:

Puzzle Update Batch1 (7 total): 2 Horizontal Puzzles (Puzzle 154 and Puzzle 155), 2 Imperfect Picture Puzzles (C102 and C103), 1 Square Puzzle (SPuzzle 35), 2 Vertical Puzzles (VPuzzle 183 and Vpuzzle 184). These puzzles feature Penthouse Pet of the Year, Martina Warren!! Martina also has some additional exclusive puzzles on her website so be sure to check out her official fan club!

Puzzle Update Batch2 (7 total): 4 Vertical Puzzles (Vpuzzle 185, Vpuzzle 186, Vpuzzle 187, and Vpuzzle 188) and 3 Imperfect Picture Puzzles (C104, C105, and C106)

Puzzle Update Batch3 (7 total): 3 Vertical Puzzles (Vpuzzle 189, Vpuzzle 190, and Vpuzzle 191) and 4 Imperfect Picture Puzzles (C107, C108, C109, and C110)

We'll be adding Strip Games during this week.

Latest news on Updates. I apologize for the problem We experienced recently on the lack of updates for the past 3 weeks. We normally have jigsaw puzzles updated weekly, and it appears We had some gliches with the puzzles being posted and accompany news announcement to go with them. We're going to be posting a big Puzzles update here in a bit.

Also- We're working as quickly as we can in getting new Strip Games. Expect to see these games this week and next week: Strip Blackjack with Martina Warren, Strip Poker with Avery Adams, Strip Poker with Ashley Roberts, and Strip Poker with Devin Devasquez.

We got an exclusive update for Strip Casino players! Come play Strip Blackjack or Strip Poker with Pornstar Monique Alexander a new sexy outfit! FYI: Monique Alexander is now a Vivid girl!

We have 7 new puzzles in our games gallery. 3 Imperfect Pictures and 4 Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles. (Imperfect Picture Puzzles: C099, C100, C101; Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles: VPuzzle 179, VPuzzle 180, VPuzzle 181, VPuzzle 182)

There are 7 puzzles in our games gallery! 4 Imperfect Pictures and 3 Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles. (Imperfect Picture Puzzles: A033, A034, A035, A036; Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles: VPuzzle 176, VPuzzle 177, VPuzzle 178)

Just wanted to announce that one of your favorite EAdultGames.com model, Alley Baggett, is back and actively posting on the MessageBoard! Be sure to visit our Message Board and say hello to Alley. Click here to jump right to her fourm section.

There was a bug/glitche with Isabella Camille Strip Soccer. The game is all fixed now. Please clear your disk cache for those who were experiencing any problems, and then try replaying the game again. Thanks again for those who reported the bugs!

We got a new soccer player in town! Come play Strip Soccer with Porn Star Isabella Camille! Think you can take on Isabella and her team in our Indoor Soccer game? Each round you score a goal, Isabella will strip a piece clothing off. If your total score at the end of the game is higher then the opponents, you'll get a Bonus Strip!

Are you having a "hard" time beating our Strip Blackjack game? Well, we're going to "get you off" the hook this time with our latest classic strip blackjack game. Check out Strip Blackjack with Penthouse Pet (December 2004) Ashley Roberts in her casual School Girl look. Ashley is going to make it a little easier for you to get her naked this time. Here's a hint- she's not wearing a bra. The difficulty in our strip blackjack games are based on the number of clothes the models are wearing. (Note: Ashley Roberts is also available in our Strip Casino.)

There are 7 new Imperfect Picture puzzles posted in our Imperfect Picture section. There are 2 easy ones and 5 hard ones.

We're in the process of developing a new stuff for EAdultGames.com, and would like your input! This is your opportunity to throw out suggestions and ideas, and comments. New suggestions and ideas will always be considered. Suggestions or Ideas that are well thought out and agreed on by other members will be heavily considered. Visit our messageboard and join the discussions going on. Click Here to jump to New Developments and Suggestions

NOTE: You need to register for a posting account if you don't already have one. This is separate from your membership login. Even if your membership expires, the posting account will always be available to you.

There are 7 new Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles posted in our Jigsaw Puzzles X section.

We got a new strip model on EAdultGames.com! Introducing Penthouse Pet (August 2003) Chantelle Fontaine. Come play Strip Blackjack with Booth Babe Chantelle Fontaine. She's available in the Strip Casino as well.

Also- We got 14 new puzzles added. 7 for this week and 7 to make up for last week. You'll find 5 Horizontal Jigsaw Puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X gallery. And 9 Imperfect Picture puzzles in the Imperfect Picture gallery.

Congratulations to Avery Adams for making Penthouse Pet of the Month for February 2005! The new issue is now available on newstand! Don't forget to check her out in the Strip Casino where you can play either Strip Blackjack or Strip Poker with her. We'll be getting our classic Strip Poker with Avery Adams up real soon.

Happy New Year!!

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