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Still searching for a website completely devoted to high quality interactive adult games? Look no further! You've come to the right place. This site was designed to provide you with the best adult games online. The free area offers playable demos and a glimpse of what's available in the members area. Take the tour and learn more about the benefits of being a member. We have now over 800+ games to play with in the members area!

Happy Easter everybody! If you didn't get your Easter Egg- It's not too late! We've added a special Holiday Puzzle in our member's holiday games section. Thanks to the Easter Bunny Sweet Shea for providing us with the images for this game.

We've converted two more models from the old Strip Blackjack into the Strip Casino. Jeanette and Melanie. Now Jeanette is no Playmate but she does look a bit like Joey Lauren Adams from Chasing Amy. We've updated these 2 models with a few additional poses that you won't find in the old Strip Blackjack game.

We've updated Strip Poker with Phobe to include voices! Check her out in the Strip Poker games gallery (members only). If you play with her long enough- You'll notice some changes with her responses when you click on her.

We've updated the Strip Casino to version 1.06! We've figured out a new way to balance the Strip Casino out so that it'll still be fun and challenging. The problem we had before was if we made the game too easy. We're faced with players eventually reaching the top of the high score board too quickly over a period of time. If we make the game too hard- new members get frustrated and quit. The High Score is now calculated more fairly based on how long you've been playing. This gives new members a chance to make the high score board. Here's how the high score is calculated: We take the number of dealers you've beaten and give each dealer a value of 2000. This number is then added to your balance. The final number is then divided by how long you've had your Strip Casino account. This gives us an average of your Daily NetWorth. We've also increased the poker payouts for "A Flush and A Straight" in the Strip Casino. When you get Two of a Kind (also known as a Pair), you'll get a portion of your bet returned to you. (in case of a $1 you get it all back).

Good news for Strip Casino players ! We're planning on integrating the originial Strip Poker games into the Strip Casino. We'll be keeping all the game features of the old Strip Poker game in tact. All the odds and the payout tables will be left the same! We're also including the voices to the old Strip Poker game in the Strip Casino as well. The new added benefit is you'll be able to save your balance, and use your earned balance from the new Strip Casino Poker and Strip Casino Blackjack. Stay tuned!

We've recently added Elke- a sexy Russian Blonde to our Strip Casino. Thanks to The Elite Sheet for doing the game shoot with Elke. Now for those who live in the Los Angles, CA area- you'll be able to meet Elke (and many other models) in person- just visit the The Elite Sheet for more information. Members of eAdultGames- Remember: our model selection for the Strip Casino gets updated every 10 minutes- so if you don't find the model you're looking for- build up your dollars and check game lobby later.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We've just updated our Strip Breakout section with a new Breakout game.... Come play Strip Breakout with Shauna O'Brien!! An Irish name for an Irish day! Shauna O'Brien isn't just another name.... She's one of the big stars in the B-movie genre! You may have seen her on HBO, Cinemax (Skinemax), and Showtime. She's got her own mini-series: Lady Chatterley's Stories where she plays Lady Chatterley. Strip Breakout is a members game only! Thanks to Shauna for coming in for the photoshoot! It was a blast! (We'll be updating her Strip Poker game to include her voice recordings soon.)

We've increased the number of bonus $dollars for the Strip Casino to $200. Each day we will add an additional $200 bonus. If you dont claim your bonus, it will just build up. No need to login each day to claim it. Come back at the end of the week for a fat bonus! Our way of saying thanks for being a member!

The wait is finally over! For those who's been waiting for the launch of Justice Babes- you no longer have to wait! JusticeBabes.com is now live! Members of eadultgames will be able to reuse their Strip Casino balance over at the Justice Babes Strip Casino when they signup and become a JusticeBabes member.

We've added XXX Star - Tina Cheri to our lineup of models for you to strip! Play Strip Blackjack with Tina Cheri. Then meet her in Person! That's right. Tina's Strip game was made possible by The Elite Sheet, a free listing of escorts and XXX stars available for personal introductions. You'll be able to meet Tina and other Porn Stars. Visit their site to play the free version of Tina Cheri's strip blackjack.

We've updated Strip Casino to version 1.05 which contains a new feature. When you roll over a dealer's face in the selection menu, their name will appear under the headshot. Also, don't forget to check each Sunday for bonus dollars! We've been adding Bonus dollars each week to everybody's account. Our way of saying thanks for being a member!

We added pornstar Devon to our Strip Casino-

We added adult film star Gina Ryder! One of the hottest pornstars!! That's right! You'll be able to Strip Gina Ryder only in the Strip Casino!

We've added 2 new models to the Strip Casino- Gauge and Aria Giovanni (Penthouse Pet). Make sure you guys clear out your cache before playing- we've updated the Strip Casino to version 1.04b. We fixed all the bug reports that have been coming in related to the old Strip Poker games in the games gallery.

Our Strip Casino is now fully live and available for intensive playing! We've added the highscore, and bonus payout feature. Players will now able to save their virtual earnings and build up their stats. Each time you strip our dealers, we will record your victory! Join Now and start playing!

We added a new Strip Poker game with Amanda Lexx. You'll be able to hear Amanda's sweet sexy voice in this poker game. Be sure to check out her website when you're done playing. You'll be able to chat with her Live on her webcam!

Casino Game System is now available for Beta Testing in the members area!

By popular demand and special requests.. We've made a new Holiday Jigsaw Puzzle for Valentine's day. You will be rewarded with a surprise box when you solve this image. Hope you guys have a Happy Valentine's Day!! Thanks to Heidy Ho for the images!

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