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Shockwave Plugin Help

If you're having trouble playing the Shockwave games, please read and follow the instructions on this page. Some of the newer browsers such as Chrome and the latest FireFox browsers have discontinued support for Shockwave Director Plugin. While Internet Explorer 11 can play Shockwave games, it can be unrealiable and may crash. You might need to add http://www.eadultgames.com to the Trusted websites list to prevent the webpage from self closing in the Options Settings.

If your current FireFox browser doesn't support Shockwave Director Plugin, then we highly recommend that you use an older version of FireFox (version 49.0.2) to play the Shockwave games. You will need to uninstall your current FireFox browser if its doesn't support Shockwave. Make sure you disable Auto-Update to prevent it from updating to the last version. (See images below for visuals.)

We recommend using lastest the versionof Chrome as your main default browser for other websites as we have found Chrome to be the best browser to use for modern websites and even the Flash games. You can still use Chrome to play our Flash games - You'll just need to enable Flash. Use the Firefox 49 to play our Shockwave games. You can also install Flash plugin for the FireFox 49 and use Firefox 49 to play the Flash games on our website.

  • Download FireFox 49.0.2 at this link: http://www.eadultgames.com/firefox/
    Remember, if you have an existing FireFox browser and it does not support Shockwave Flash, you'll need to uninstall it before installing the FireFox 49. For MacUsers, go to the MacUsers folder.

  • Disable "auto-update" after you've installed the FireFox in the Advanced settings section of the Options. (see image below)

  • Next Download the Shockwave plugin, fullSW_installer.exe and fullSW_installer.msi - Run the installer.exe first and then run the installer.msi

  • Check your FireFox settings to make sure the Shockwave Director Plugin is in the Add-Ons section, and turn on Always Activate

  • You may also need to add http://www.eadultgames.com to the Allowed Sites - Add-ons Installation in securities section under the Exceptions. (see image below)

  • See images below for visuals on how to check your browser version and clearing browser cache. (in case you ever need to know it)