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45 Days membership (one time charge - no rebills)$35 (USD/EUR)
3 Months membership (BEST VALUE!! Averages to be $15/month)$45 (USD/EUR)
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Members Program Description

Members will receive access to:
  • Our entire line-up of Shockwave games (full version without banner ads).
  • Over 800+ games to play with. (and growing every month!)
  • Gallery of archived games.
  • Regular updates of new games and models.
  • Weekly info about new additions to the site.

    Members can also:
  • E-mail requests for specific types of models, poses, outfits, and games.
  • Send in pictures to be chosen for a jigsaw puzzle to be made that month.
  • Submit suggestions and vote on the next game we develop!
  • Participate in beta tests of new games in development.
  • Participate in our Polls to help make your experience more entertaining!
  • Submit and store your high scores and compare with other members.

    Membership Requires:
  • The latest version of Adobe Shockwave and Adobe Flash installed.

  • Terms of Membership
    By joining eAdultGames.com, you gain access to the website and its content for the time block purchased. Membership does not mean you have been granted copyright of any of the content contained within. You may look, and download/stream the content and view/play online in our members area. Games are playable only online through our members area. All material on the site is & tm 1998-2004 by Ronald Trang, unless otherwise noted.

    Memberships are non-refundable, so be sure you understand what you are signing up for before you join! You may cancel your membership at anytime. Please read the FAQ for cancellation information. Make sure you provide the correct email when signing up as important information regarding your membership will be sent to you.

    Your account and password are for you, and you alone! Sharing, selling, or giving away your username and password is prohibited (and downright rude). Also, re-distribution of members area material on the Internet, Usenet, BBS or other archive collections, will cause your account to be immediately terminated with no refund, and legal action taken if necessary.

    We are not responsible for browser problems, plugin problems, software incompatiblity, poor connections, or Internet service outages that may interfere with individual members' ability to access this site. Make sure you have a working browser and a properly installed shockwave plugin before joining the site. Please test the games on the free games page before joining.

    Content in the members area contains nudity, profanity, and/or violence, and is intended for a mature, consenting audience. To purchase a membership, you must be of legal age to view such material in the area in which you live. We are not responsible for minors posing as adults.