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Still searching for a website completely devoted to high quality interactive adult games? Look no further! You've come to the right place. This site was designed to provide you with the best adult games online. The free area offers playable demos and a glimpse of what's available in the members area. Take the tour and learn more about the benefits of being a member. We have now over 800+ games to play with in the members area!

Happy Halloween from EAdultGames.com!! As a special treat- we've added $1000 bonus dollars to your Strip Casino account! Don't forget to claim your bonus in the Account Info screen in the Strip Casino.

We've got a new Strip Blackjack with Firewoman Isabella Camille. Porn Star Isabella Camille is just smoking hot!! Need help putting out that fire? Firewoman Isabella will also be making her appearance as a dealer in our Strip Casino! You'll just have to catch her when she is on her shift!

Also- we've got 7 new puzzles for this week! 3 horizontal jigsaw puzzles, 3 vertical jigsaw puzzles, and 1 new imperfect picture puzzle!

For this week, we have a new Strip Breakout game featuring Penthouse Pet September 2004, Ginger Jolie!!! And we've got 7 new puzzles: 6 horizontal jigsaw puzzles and 1 new imperfect picture puzzle.

If you guys didn't get enough of Jelena Jensen- We've added another Jelena Jensen dealer (in a "hooker girl" outfit) to our Strip Casino. This new outfit set will be exclusively for our Strip Casino players. Can't get a date tonight? Come play Strip Poker or Strip Blackjack with escort Jelena Jensen in the Strip Casino!

Also- we made the previous Jelena Jensen outfit available for classic Strip Blackjack!

And last- we've got 8 new puzzles in our members area (6 new horizontal jigsaw puzzles and 2 imperfect picture). This week you get an extra puzzle!

Jelena Jensen is finally here!! In a previous Strip Models poll way back, our members voted for Jelena Jensen as their #1 choice. If you love big boobs, you'll love Jelena Jensen. She's currently on the front cover of Club International November 2004 with Jesse Capelli. She's appeared in various other men's magazine as well as Adult DVDs by Digital Playground and Peach DVD. Come play strip poker or strip blackjack with her in our Strip Casino. We'll be posting a stand alone classic Strip Blackjack game of her soon. For now, catch her in the Strip Casino!

Also- we've updated 7 new puzzles in our members area for this week. There are 4 new imperfect picture puzzles and 3 new horizontal jigsaw puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section.

EAdultGames.com is now offering Pay By Phone as an option for signing up. This is currently only for US based customers. Since rebilling is not possibly with Pay by Phone, customers who wish to renew their membership must signup again when the membership expires. This will allow those without credit cards to be able to join. Thanks for your support in advance.

We posted 7 new puzzles in our members area. This week we have 3 horizontal jigsaw puzzles and 4 imperfect picture puzzles.

Also- we're offering members of EAdultGames.com a discount on EAdultComics.com membership. To get your discount, simply login to eadultgames.com to obtain the coupon code in the What's New page of the members area. When you signup to eadultcomics.com, select the coupon code option, enter in the coupon code, and you'll be presented with a discounted subscription rate.

Zoe Britton is here! Come play Strip Blackjack with Booth Babe Zoe Britton. In the last Strip Models poll, our members voted for Zoe Britton as their top choice. Zoe Britton has appeared in numerous magazines such as Cheri, High Society, EasyRider, Club, Club International, Cheeks, Penthouse (German & Australian), and recently in Hustler! Just in case you didn't know it, Zoe is an Exotic Feature Dancer touring around the country at various strip clubs.

We also posted 7 new puzzles in our members area. This week we have 5 imperfect picture puzzles and 2 Square puzzles.

Magazine News Flash: Congratulations to Ginger Jolie for being Penthouse Pet September 2004! And- Jesse Capelli and Jelena Jensen are featured in Club International November 2004 (cover models). If you're a big fan of Jesse Capelli and Jelena Jensen, grab your copy of Club International today. Congratulations to Avery Adams for making centerfold of Hustler December 2004! Currently on sale at the newstand. Also, in the same Hustler issue is Zoe Britton (separate layout).

7 New Puzzles added for our weekly puzzles update! This week we have 2 horizontal jigsaw puzzles in our Jigsaw Puzzles X section. And 5 imperfect picture puzzles added in the Imperfect Picture section.

Happy Labor Day!
This week we've got Monique Alexander in Strip Soccer! If you're looking for tips and tricks on how to win Strip Soccer- check out our message board topic dicussion for "strip soccer fans". Hear what the other members are saying about Strip Soccer.

Also- we've got our weekly puzzles update! There are now 5 new horizontal jigsaw puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section. And 2 new square puzzles in the Square Puzzles section.

We've got a new Strip Blackjack game with Army Girl Cherie Roberts! She's also appearing in our Strip Casino.

We've updated our Strip Casino to version 1.53, so be sure to clear your disk cache to make sure you're seeing "version 1.53" when the game loads up. The game now updates with new dealers every 5 minutes. There's a total of 79 dealers to play with in our Strip Casino.

Don't forget to post on our message board for costume/outfit ideas for Cherie Roberts. She's interested in doing more games with us. There is a discussion topic on the eadultgames.com forum where Cherie is actually involved in the discussion.

FYI: Our message board is free. You don't have to be a member to read it- you can register for a posting account and start posting. For existing members, you'll still need to register for a posting account since the username/password for message board "Log In" is NOT the same as the members area password. We're looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say!

There are 5 new horizontal jigsaw puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section. AND 2 new imperfect picture puzzles. A total of 7 new puzzles to play with this week!

We've got 7 new puzzles for our weekly puzzles update! This week we have 6 horizontal jigsaw puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section. And 1 imperfect picture puzzle! Enjoy!

We've had many webmasters in the past requesting for an affiliate/referral program. Our Webmasters Affiliate program is now officially available for those who have their own website that wants to make some money referring their traffic to EAdultGames.com! The webmasters program can be found via the webmasters link on our homepage.

Major Update!!
We've got Classic Strip Poker with School Girl Jamie Lynn! We haven't had a Classic Strip Poker in a very long time- and this one makes up for the long wait! Our newest game is the biggest and best yet... Tons of audio clips of Jamie Lynn! And I must say they're pretty damn arousing. If you're wondering why it took so long to produce this game- all I can say is lots of cold showers while sequencing her audio responses. (wink). Jamie Lynn says different things at various stages in the game. We've enhanced the strip poker game abit so that you must complete strip her to a certain level before unlocking new audio reponses... For those who got to meet Jamie Lynn in person at the Comic-Con 2004- well this game is going to blow you away!

Also- We've posted our usual 7 puzzles for our weekly puzzles update- 5 Horizontal Jigsaw Puzzles X and 2 Imperfect Pictures.

As promised- We've got Strip Blackjack with Booth Babe Jana Cova full version in our members area. As a special bonus to our Strip Casino fans- we've made 4 additional nude poses available only in the Strip Casino.

And last- but not least- Congratulations to Zoe Britton for winning our Strip Models poll! Expect to see Zoe Britton on eAdultGames in the near future. We'll be getting new Strip Models for you guys to vote on real soon. Hang tight!

For those who have been fantasizing about the pink skirt booth babes, we want to let you all know your prayers have been answered- There is a special strip blackjack teaser game featuring- Booth Babe Jana Cova on eadultcomics.com (free version)! We will be making the full version available in our members area this weekend!

EAdultGames.com gets a new front page splash! The new look mirrors the front page of our EAdultComics.com website.

We've added 7 new horizontal jigsaw puzzles to our Jigsaw Puzzles X section. Also we've reorganized the Jigsaw Puzzles X section to separate the Horizontal puzzles from the Vertical puzzles.

You may have seen her at Comic-Con 2004 at the EAdultComics.com booth- (for those who attended) AND now you can play Strip Soccer with her. Check out Strip Soccer with Jamie Lynn in our Strip Soccer games gallery!! That's right you can strip Jamie Lynn totally naked. There's a total of 5 unique nude poses to see when you win. A total of 25 images altogether!

For those who didn't get to see Jamie Lynn at comic-con. You can visit still visit www.eadultcomics.com and view all the comic-con photos.

We've improved the Imperfect Picture gallery by adding puzzle id numbers. This makes it easier to reference them by name in an email or messageboard postings.

Also- there was a bug in Imperfect Picture puzzle C046. Before, the puzzle showed up as blank gray boxes- We fixed the problem and the game should be working again! Don't forget to clear your disk cache if you're still seeing blank gray boxes.

7 New Imperfect Picture puzzles added!! We also reogranized the Imperfect Picture games gallery into 3 gallery pages. The top row are the easy puzzles while the bottom 3 rows are the more challenging puzzles.

We've also updated our what's new page by moving the older news into a news archive.

There was a bug in all of the Strip Breakout games.. There should be a total of 10 Levels with 10 reward images. One of our devoted members noticed that at Level 10 there was no reward image showing up or a repeated reward image. We fixed all 3 games so that when you beat the 10th level, it will give you a new reward image. After Level 10 it loops back to Level 1.

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