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Still searching for a website completely devoted to high quality interactive adult games? Look no further! You've come to the right place. This site was designed to provide you with the best adult games online. The free area offers playable demos and a glimpse of what's available in the members area. Take the tour and learn more about the benefits of being a member. We have now over 800+ games to play with in the members area!

We fixed a small bug that was found in the Strip Blackjack with Mikki, Melody, and Misti. If you were getting shockwave errors playing any of those games, please clear your cache and then try replaying them. Thanks to those who reported the bug!

Get ready for another Strip Blackjack game!! Thanks to the folks at "the Buzz" for providing us with this hot new model. Check out - Misti, the Secretary!! Don't forget to tune into the Buzz 94.5FM - a radio station in Houston, Texas. (That's if you live in Texas of course.)

It's actually here!!! Classic Strip Poker with Julie K. Smith is now available! We've managed to finally finished her strip poker game!! For the those members who have requested the option to "buy" the shoes, we've made it possible to select Julie's boots as one of the options. Also- don't forget to click on Julie at different points in the game for various audio responses.

If you're interested in seeing more Julie K. Smith- check out www.SexyFighters.com Where you can see her fight!! There are hot sexy photos of her on SexyFighters.com as well as video clips of her catfighting Doria (Playboy Night call hostess) See Julie K. Smith like you've never seen her before!

We've added 3 new Jigsaw Puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section of Linn Thomas. Linn Thomas is the world's first to become both Playboy Playmate (Miss May 1997) AND Penthouse Pet (October 2000)! Also - There are Exclusive ABTVShow Videos of Linn Thomas over at SexyFighters.com! Come see Linn Thomas arm wrestle Alley Baggett! We will have a Strip Poker game of Linn Thomas coming soon after we get the Strip Poker game of Julie K. Smith up and running!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Xtreme Digital Studios has teamed up with Razor Sharp Entertainment to bring you a new form of Entertainment! Introducing SexyFighters.com where hot and sexy girls battle it out in the Battle Pit! Now- these aren't just any old girls... We're talking Penthouse Pets, Perfect 10 Models, Playboy Models and Playmates, B-movie actresses, and popular Internet models!! There is a lot of profanity and nudity! If you've always wanted to hear your favorite model talk trash - now's your chance! They're getting down and dirty in a little oil wrestling and catfighting...

Also featured on SexyFighters.com is an Exclusive Sex Trivia game with Alley Baggett (voted the most favorite Model on eAdultGames!) In addition, you'll get to see ABTVShows hosted by Alley Baggett. So head on over to SexyFighters.com for a free preview AND get ready to rumble with the SexyFighters. (Some of your favorite eAdultGames are made available on SexyFighters.com with new exclusive games to be added!)

We've added 2 new Strip Blackjack games in our games gallery featuring Mikki the Intern! and Melody the Nurse! Thanks to "the Buzz" radio station in Houston, Texas. If you live in Houston, don't forget to tune into 94.5FM and hear Mikki live! She's got a very hot sexy British voice.

There is also a Vertical Jigsaw Puzzle of Mikki in the Jigsaw Puzzle X section. Be sure to check that out!

And for the square Jigsaw puzzle fans- we've added a square Jigsaw Puzzle X of Porn Star Devon!

Our signup forms have been updated! Before a lot of signups were rejected because of the old forms we used. This is now fixed. If you were experiencing signup errors, now is a good time to signup again! Become a member today!

Official Announcement! We will be getting Jana Cova- Penthouse Pet April 2003 for our Strip Games!! Jana is currently on the front cover of Penthouse on sale at the newstand!

A new cartoon character has been added to the Cartoon Strip Games section!

For the Jigsaw Puzzle fanatics.. We've added 3 new Jigsaw Puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section- featuring Playboy Nightcall hosts Doria!

We added 2 more Toon characters. Also we reorganized the Games Gallery menu layout. We're making room for future games (TBA).

NEW! We've added a new Games Gallery called Cartoon Strip Games- As previously promised in a news announcement a while back. Come play Strip Poker or Strip Blackjack with one our toon characters. These toons were custom made for stripping! Also- we've got new cartoon card faces to go along with the new toon games. Enjoy!! More characters coming soon! Stay "Tooned"!

2 New Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles featuring Devon have been added to our Jigsaw Puzzles X section!

For the soccer fans- We've added Strip Soccer with Kayla Marie in her referee outfit!!

We've posted 3 new Jigsaw Puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section, of Julie K. Smith. Enjoy!

We've added Strip Poker with Alexis Taylor!! Come check Alexis out in her Hillbilly outfit!

News Update- We've already shot Julie K. Smith for Strip Poker and have voice recordings for her as well! We're working on finishing up the development of that game! Alexis Taylor Strip Poker is near finish, and we hope to have that up real soon (with in the next few days.)

Here's what is coming down the pipe in the future updates: Strip Soccer with Kayla Marie, Strip Poker with Alexis Taylor, Strip Poker with Julie K. Smith, Strip Poker with Linn Thomas. More Square Puzzles by request.

For those looking for a big challenge- check out our new "Square Jigsaw Puzzles" in the Jigsaw Puzzle X section (MEMBERS ONLY!). We've had a lot of requests for the Square Puzzle pieces... Thanks for playing guys!

It's finally here! Strip Soccer with Playboy Lingerie Model - Alley Baggett!!

Happy New Year!!

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