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Still searching for a website completely devoted to high quality interactive adult games? Look no further! You've come to the right place. This site was designed to provide you with the best adult games online. The free area offers playable demos and a glimpse of what's available in the members area. Take the tour and learn more about the benefits of being a member. We have now over 800+ games to play with in the members area!

7 New Puzzles Added! We got 4 Horizontal Jigsaw Puzzles and 3 Imperfect picture puzzles for this week!

Holiday Game Bug Fixed! There was a sound bug in playing Strip Poker with Santa Helper Martina Warren. We have fixed the problem! We would like to thank all the fans who emailed us to report this bug.

Merry Christmas! Santa Helper Martina Warren is here! Enjoy Xmas by playing Strip Poker with Martina Warren in our Holiday Games section! "And what would you like for Christmas?"

It's Christmas Eve and We got 7 new Jigsaw Puzzles for you to play with! We added 4 Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles and 3 Horizontal Jigsaw Puzzles.

Happy Holidays from EAdultGames.com! Come play Strip Blackjack with Santa Helper Jesse Capelli! You can find Santa Helper Jesse Capelli in the Holiday Games section and the Strip Blackjack games gallery. She's also available in the Strip Casino for the Strip Casino players. Have fun stripping Jesse naked. "Tis is the season to be Jolly... Folla la la la... La La La La"

We posted 7 new puzzles for our weekly puzzles updates! 4 new Imperfect Picture puzzles and 3 new Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles.

We also updated our what's new page by moving the older news into the news archive.

We updated the front cover of our homepage to get into the spirit of the holiday- with a little sneak peek on our upcoming Holiday Games. The holiday games from the previous years are still available in our members area, so don't forget to check them out! "So what would you like for X-mas?"

MASSIVE UPDATE!! (part2) This announcement is slightly delayed as we had already posted some of the materials in this massive update already last week. We wanted to post the big announcement once we have all the content up. Some of you may have already noticed we added Strip Soccer with Perfect 10 model Charisma Cole in the Strip Soccer games gallery.

There's a hot new Strip Blackjack game of Penthouse Pet Jamie Lynn in the Strip Blackjack games gallery. Jamie Lynn is the Penthouse Pet for January 2005- which is currently now on sale at the newstands. You'll also find her in the new sexy outfit in our Strip Casino as well.

There are 7 new puzzles up! 3 Imperfect Picture puzzles, 2 Horizontal Jigsaw puzzles, and 2 Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles. (These puzzles were for last week's puzzle updates. We'll posting 7 more later on this week.)

And Last- the classic Strip Poker game with Penthouse Pet Ginger Jolie! Ginger Jolie was the Penthouse Pet for September 2004, who recently appeared on the Howard Stern show on E! last tuesday night. Come hear Ginger Jolie's sexy voice in our latest strip poker game! Don't forget to turn up your volume and remember to click on Ginger as you're playing for the best experience. She'll have different things to say depending how far along you are in the game.

We got 7 new puzzles up for this week! 2 Horizontal Jigsaw Puzzles and 5 Imperfect Picture Puzzles!

There was a glitch in loading up the Strip Blackjack with Booth Babe Ashley Roberts page. It's fixed now! Thanks for those who sent in the bug report!

MASSIVE UPDATE!! (part1) As promised last week, We got our massive update posted. Check out Penny Flame in her Pirate Girl outfit! We're using our new Strip Poker game code where the custom audio feedbacks are based on how far you've advanced in the game. Remember to click on Penny as you're playing for the best experience. Argh Matey!

Also- We posted Strip Blackjack with Booth Babe Ashley Roberts (Penthouse Pet December 2004). Ashley was one of our booth babes at Comic-Con 2004 handing out our promos. For those who got a chance to take pictures with her, you're in luck because now she's an official Penthouse Pet. You'll also get to play with her in the Strip Casino.

And exclusively, in the Strip Casino, We got Rita G in her casual street wear outfit. RitaG appeared on Howard Stern multiple times. The episode that featured RitaG received one of the highest ratings of all the shows aired. According to Howard Stern commenting on RitaG's boobs: "I've gotta say, those are the best natural breasts I've ever seen" - Howard Stern

And Last- We posted 7 new jigsaw puzzles in the Jigsaw Puzzles X section. 4 Vertical Puzzles and 3 Horizontal Puzzles. We'll be posting another massive update within the next few days.

Happy Thanksgiving! For all those fans who celebrate thanksgiving this day, we want to take this opportunity to say "Thanks" for your support this past year (and previous years for those who have been with us from the start)! Every year on Thanksgiving, we're very thankful for all the fans who have been a member or currently a member of our site. Your contributions has made our site possible and has kept us running over the past 4 years!!

We're happy to officially announce that Jamie Lynn is Penthouse Pet for January 2005! The new January 2005 Penthouse Pet issue is NOW on sale at newstand!

ALSO- Martina Warren is Penthouse Pet of the Year 2005 (on the cover of the January issue with JamieLynn as the pet and centerfold)!

AND Guess what?? Jamie Lynn and Martina Warren are working at our EAdultComics.com booth at GlamourCon this weekend taking free pictures with the fans! Come out and get your photos taken with them (including Bella Starr). We're going to post pictures of our lovely booth babe models after the show ends. Bella Starr, Jamie Lynn, and Martina Warren are just smoking hot in person!!

We posted 14 NEW puzzles! (7 puzzles for this week and 7 puzzles to make up for last week.) 7 Horizontal Jigsaw Puzzles, 6 Vertical Jigsaw Puzzles, and 1 Imperfect Picture Puzzle). We're committed to making sure you guys get weekly puzzles! Next Week- We'll be posting our MASSIVE UPDATE- with at least 2 Strip Poker game and 2 Strip Blackjacks!

Don't forget to come out to GlamourCon this weekend! Great News- We got Penthouse Pet January 2003, Martina Warren added to our lineup of booth babes!

Congratulations to Ashley Roberts for making Penthouse Pet December 2004! Don't forget to join EAdultGames.com to play Strip Blackjack with Ashley Roberts in her Goldilock outfit! We'll be adding Strip Poker with Ashley soon.

Good News and Bad News. We're a few days away from GlamourCon! Don't forget guys, GlamourCon is this weekend in Los Angeles, California! Unfortunately, we might not be able to get Lonnie to show up at the show BUT we have good news though. Sydney Moon (Perfect 10) will be sitting by our booth signing and selling her merchandise. Have you seen that match between Veronika Zemanova vs Sydney Moon on SexyFighters.com? This is your chance to meet Sydney Moon in person. We're working on potentially getting her in our strip games as well. So come out and tell her you want to play Strip Poker and Strip Blackjack with her.

We're a few days behind on updates, but hang tight. We're going to make it up to you guys with a massive update! We been busy getting things ready for the show. Getting a new batch of comics and postcards made to give away. Hope to see you guys at the show!

We got 7 new puzzles for this week! 1 new imperfect picture puzzle, 3 horizontal jigsaw puzzles and 3 verical jigsaw puzzles!

EAdultComics.com and EAdultGames.com will be at GlamourCon (Los Angeles) the weekend of November 20-21. We got sexy booth babes: Jamie Lynn, Lonnie, and Bella Starr handing out our free comics. You'll be able to take your pictures with these hot girls for free!

Also by our booth, will be Alley Baggett (Playboy Lingerie Model of the Year 1998 and 2000) and Ginger Jolie (Penthouse Pet September 2004) signing and selling their merchandise. And that's not all. You'll be able to meet tons of other hot Glamour models at this show. Visit GlamourCon's website for a full listing of all the models that will be attending.

If you enjoyed playing Strip Poker and Strip Blackjack with Jamie Lynn- here's your chance to meet her in person!! Also- We will be getting Lonnie and Bella Starr in our strip games in near future- so this is your chance to meet them. Then play strip poker and strip blackjack with them later on our website. Yup! You heard it here first!

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