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Still searching for a website completely devoted to high quality interactive adult games? Look no further! You've come to the right place. This site was designed to provide you with the best adult games online. The free area offers playable demos and a glimpse of what's available in the members area. Take the tour and learn more about the benefits of being a member. We have now over 800+ games to play with in the members area!

It's Oscar Night! And we have Porn Star Asia Carrera all dressed up just in time for this eventful evening! Come play Strip Blackjack with Asia Carrera in her lovely formal wear outfit! (She's also available in the Strip Casino.)

For the classic Strip Blackjack fans- we've made Casual Jesse Capelli, Waitress Alyssa Lovelace, and Viking Girl Penny Flame available in our Strip Blackjack games gallery! If you love Jesse Capelli- She's currently featuring on SexyFighters.com!! Be sure to check out her match against Aimee Sweet! You can also find Penny Flame and Alyssa Lovelace on SexyFighters.com!!

We've got Strip Soccer with Alyssa Lovelace in our Strip Soccer games gallery! There are 5 different unique poses (images) for each of the different reward rounds in her game! This makes our strip soccer replayable if you want to see all 5 possible nude endings!

The wait is over! Strip Poker with Veronika Zemanova is here! Check Veronika out in her sexy school girl outfit! Click on Veronika to hear her erotic and sexy Czech voice!! Also- be sure to visit SexyFighters.com where you can see Veronika Zemanova kick some ass!

Happy Valentine's Day - We've got the new Jesse Capelli in our Strip Casino!! Check her out in her casual street clothes! Don't for get to check out Jesse Capelli on SexyFighters.com where she is going head-to-head in an all out catfight against Perfect 10 model and Penthouse Pet, Aimee Sweet! Stay tuned guys! We'll have Strip Poker with Veronika Zemanova up next!

Attention all Alley Baggett fans... We need your help!! Alley Baggett and Xtreme Digital Studios have teamed up to create a new comic book series called "Alley Warrior". We're currently conducting an artist screening process in order to find the right penciler(and inker) for the project!

About the screening process: We gave each artist the task of designing the characters based on our concept description. After completing the first task, we gave them a sample script for the first two pages of the comic to test them on out how well they can handle creating comic page designs. 42 Artists have accepted the challenge and submitted their artwork! Now we need your help in judging their submissions! Let us know who you think is the best artist for the project! Simply login to our members area and click on the BLUE link in the What's New page. Click on each artist's name and review their work. Then vote thumbs up or thumbs down. (Note: Some of them are still working on the second task- so you don't have to vote on them until after you've seen their work. We will be posting more artwork submissions as we get them.)

We've added 2 new vertical jigsaw puzzles featuring Love Cindy - (puzzle 87, 88) in our Jigsaw Puzzles X games gallery!

Penny Flame is here!!! We've added Viking girl Penny Flame into our Strip Casino! In our previous poll- Penny Flame was voted one of the top choices for the next Strip Games model. In another poll, Fantasy Themed outfits was the top choice.. We just want our fans to know that we really do listen to your requests.. Enjoy this update! (Also- we've added some other models back into the mix for our Strip Casino.. so you should have more choices of models to play with!)

New Improved Members Login! We've recently updated our members login system to make login easier. No more Login Successful screen with the Click Here to Continue link. No more SesssionPasswords to enter in. When you enter your login and password now- it will take you directly into our members area!!

In our previous poll- Alyssa Lovelace was voted as the top choice for the next Strip Games model! Guess what?? We've got her in our new Strip Casino!! Check out Alyssa Lovelace in a sexy waitress outfit!!

The Strip Casino gets a major update! We've added 4 new model slots to choose from in each of the rooms (total of 8 new selectable models). Also- the rotation system has been improved. Models will now cycle through their shift changes by moving from room to room every 10 minutes.. So if you see a model appearing in one room, you won't have to wait over an hour to see her appear in the other room. Please clear your disk cache to see the new changes! The Strip Casino is now at version 1.50!

We added 12 new Imperfect Picture puzzles! Also- we made Jamie Lynn available in the classic Strip Blackjack! Come play Strip Blackjack with Jamie Lynn in her Renaissance Maiden outfit!

The new poll for the next potential Strip Model is now up!! We've got 6 new models to choose from!

Here are the official results on the Poll for the next Strip Model.... Alyssa Lovelace (24%), Penny Flame (19%), Isabella Camille (17%), Kira Reed (15%), Doria (14%), and Sunny Leone (11%)! We going to do our best in getting your top choices in the Strip Games real soon. We will be replacing the poll with new model choices soon! Hang tight!

We fixed the Strip Casino so that our new model Jamie Lynn appears more frequently. Be sure to clear your disk cache so that you can see her.

We have a new model in our Strip Casino!! Featuring Jamie Lynn in a Renaissance Maiden outfit! (Note: Our new model (and outfit) was added based on the members polls. Previously in our polls- members voted on voluptuous/busty as the favorite breasts size; and wanted fantasy themed outfits. Hope you guys enjoy the latest update!)

There was a bug in the rotation of the dealers in the Strip Casino! (Thanks to those who reported this.) Apparently only the top row was updating every 10 minutes while the bottom row only updated every day... We've just fixed the problem! Both rows should now be updating offering at least 2 new dealers per 10 minutes. Also- we have added new code hooks to allow for those who wish to stare at the lobby screen to see the update take affect. (Before the update only takes affect while you're playing with a dealer and returning to the lobby.) Please clear your disk cache in order to see the new changes. The Strip Casino is now at version 1.30 - make sure it says version 1.30 when you load the game!

We will be adding a new Strip Casino dealer for this week's update! So hang tight!

For this week's update- We've added to the Strip Casino adult film actress Monique Alexander (wearing her casual street clothes)! She's also available in the standard Strip Blackjacks gallery. Monique is a porn star and B-movie actress who has appeared in a number of movies on Cinemax, HBO, and Showtime. Don't forget to visit SexyFighters.com where Monique is going head-to-head in a school girl catfight with porn star Isabella Camille!

We made a free playable demo version of Imperfect Picture in the "Free Games" gallery!! Click here to Join our Members Area today for more Imperfect Picture puzzles!

MAJOR UPDATE! We opened up a new section in our games gallery devoted to "Imperfect Pictures". There are currently 24 picture puzzles to start off with. AND we will be adding more pictures later on!

We've got a new game type called "Imperfect Picture" (working title) in our members area! Your goal is to reassemble the scrambled picture by swapping pieces of the image around. Are you up to the challenge? There are 3 puzzles to play with for now! Join our Members area today for some fun and challenge!

Happy New Year! We would like to say "Thanks" to all of our members for their loyal and continued support! 2003 was a great year for eAdultGames.com but we're going to make 2004 even better! We will be working with lots of hot new models this year to produce tons of new strip games!! So get ready for a fun filled 2004!

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