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Virtual Dance is an interactive dance game where you match the dancer's moves. Watch as Brooke Lima dances. When she's done, try to match her moves. When you get the combo right, the Dance Bar on the left fills up. If you get it wrong, you'll get penalized. Completely fill the bar and she'll strip! This is a sample of the first level. For the FULL version, join our members area! The members version has more dance moves with various different music.


OBJECTIVE: The goal of this game is to strip the dancer by matching her dance moves to complete the dance bar.

  • Watch the dancer as she dances. Memorize her dance moves since you need to match them later.

  • When she stops dancing, click on the dance move buttons along the right to match them.

  • Remember, you must repeat all her moves in the right order.

  • Each of her dance moves have colored lights, this will help you match the moves by clicking on the colored buttons.

  • The dance bar moves up a notch, each time you correctly match the dancer's sequence.

  • Everytime you get a sequence right, she will add another move to her groove.

  • When you miss a sequence, you'll get penalized and the dance bar will drop a bit.

  • Complete all the levels, and you will get a naughty ending reward.