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About Picture Hunt - Do you like staring at hot photos? Do you have an eye for details? Well, Picture Hunt is the game for you. In Picture Hunt, you're presented with a set of 2 photos that appear to be exactly the same. But look carefully. There are 5 things different with every pair of photos we show you. You have a limited amount of time find all the differences. We'll keep track of your score. We'll reward you with bonus points if you find the changes quickly. Find all 5 and you'll advance to the next round. How many rounds can you achieve? See if you can beat your own high score. If you get stuck, you can click on the Hints Icon at the top left for a freebie find. Becareful, you only have 3 hints at your disposal, so use them wisely. If you manage to beat the game, you'll be awarded bonus points for each unused hints.


OBJECTIVE: To complete as many rounds as possible by finding all 5 diferences in the left and right images, on each round.

In this game, you will be given two images. In each set of images, there are five changes (or differences). You are to find the differences and identify them all by clicking on the changes. You must find all 5 changes before the timer bar runs out. Once you find 5 changes, you'll advance to the next round. Also, You are given 3 hints button that you can use during your game session. They are located at the top left. Clicking on a hint, will reveal one of the changes for you.

For every successful find, the bonus points will be added to your score. A wrong click will take away time from the timer bar. If time runs out, you lose the game. You are given additional points for any unused time each round. The quicker you find the differences, the higher your score! And if you manage to beat all the rounds (thus beating the game), you'll be given bonus points for each unused hints button that is added to your final score. Good Luck!