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The Tale of Todoxas Rogue part 2

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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 12:03 am    Post subject: The Tale of Todoxas Rogue part 2 Reply with quote

Todd awoke alone inside a fairly sized room with fancy décor and elegant furniture. Sitting upright on the bed he was on, Todd began to ponder where he was and how he got there. But before he could think any further, there came a knock at the door and a voice as smooth as silk called out from the other side. “Hello? Todd? Are you awake?” clearing his throat, Todd replied “Y-yes, I’m awake. Who is it?” Todd but on a robe that was resting on his bed, then he walked over to the door and opened it. Standing on the other side of the door was Betty Goldblum accompanied by Dalilah and Violet.

“Why good morning handsome, I figured you would be hungry so I had Dalila bring you some breakfast. Do you have a minute?” Betty said with a smile on her face. “Uh, O-of course. Do come in.” said Todd as politely as he could. Betty, Dalila, and Violet then entered the room and pulled themselves up a seat around the bed. “I see you’ve noticed the room you’re in, this is the Royal Suite. Only the very special customers gain access to this room.” Betty says to Todd while doing her very best to hold back a tear from her memories of Edelweiss.

Todd replies with amazement “R-really? I don’t know what I’ve done to have gained this great privilege. However, I am humbled to be given this opportunity, Miss?” Todd stops as he didn’t know Betty’s name. “Oh, my apologies. My name is Betty Goldblum, and I am the owner of the Delight Castle and you are my honored guest.” She then directs Todd’s attention to Dalila and Violet. “And here is Dalila, she tends the bar downstairs and she is also one of my ladies in waiting. And you’ve already met Violet, she is one of the many girls here at the castle and one of our friskiest girls here.”

Violet smiles and waves to Todd. Todd returns a wave to Violet, blushing heavily. “A pleasure to meet you, my lady. I’m very grateful for your hospitality, but why exactly am I here?” Asked Todd with a calm and collected tone as he began to eat his breakfast. “Well Todd, I have brought you here because I am a captivated by your appearance especially your markings. You’ve also got quite the body for someone of your age, absolutely beautiful and well-endowed *giggles* But mostly I have brought you here because I want to make you an offer, if you are interested that is.”

Todd leaned in closer and asked “What’s the offer?” Betty smiles and replies “Well before I explain what the offer is, let me ask you a question. Why did you come to Bon Bon?” Todd complies and answers “I came here to escape my old life and all the painful memories from it.” Todd’s eyes began to tear up. “Aw there, there Todd. You don’t have to explain if you don’t want to.” Betty said as she gave Todd a hug. “No. I must explain myself. You deserve to know exactly what brought me here, she would have wanted that. “She?” asked Betty.

Todd then proceeded to tell Betty and Violet about how he came to Bon Bon and why, and for the next few hours Betty and Violet listened intently. A few hours later. “And that is how I came to be here in your company.” Betty and Violet wipe their tears with they’re handkerchief’s then Betty replies. “I’m so very sorry for your loss, Todd. I truly am, no man or woman should ever have to endure such a loss *sniff*” Todd replies “Yes, your so very right. You know before I came here, I thought I would never find happiness.

But after my arrival and my experience with Violet, my perspective on life has completely changed from sad and depressing to joyful and exciting thanks to you lovely women.” Betty and Violet blush at Todd’s compliment. “And we are happy to have changed your life, Todd. Before I had the chance to really know who you are, I just thought you were like any other tourist that comes here. But now I see that you are so much more and that you deserve to be happy after all the pain and loss you have been through. So from this day forward, you shall be our VIP guest here at the castle and will receive the very best accommodations and service.”

Todd looks over to Betty and says. “I’m honored Betty, but I couldn’t let you do all that just for me. At least not without giving you something in return.” Betty pauses and ponders to herself, she then turns to Todd and says. “Well, if you really want to pay me for what I offer you. Then how would you feel about paying me in…sex?” Todd blushes heavily and replies. “M-my lady. I’m a bit speechless, I don’t really know where to start.” Betty seductively moves towards Todd, holds him close to her and wraps one leg around him and says. “Then why don’t you let me lead the way, Mr. Rogue? Just lay down, relax, and let me do the work. Wink

Betty then softly pushes Todd onto the bed where he lays back onto the bed. “O-ok. Whatever you say, Miss Goldblum.” Todd Replies blushing heavily as his dick begins to rise in his pajamas. “Oh, one more thing sweetie, just call me Betty. Ok?” Betty told Todd leaning directly over him with her breasts barely touching his chest. “Yes, Betty. Whatever you say.” Todd replied with a smile as Betty reached one hand down his pajama pants and pulled out his throbbing cock. “Mmh My, my someone’s really excited to be here today. Just look at this cock, so big, so firm, and ready to be pleasured.”

Betty then lathers Todd’s now fully erect penis with her soft, wet tongue covering every last inch on it in her saliva. “Hmm you taste just as good as you look, Mr. Rogue. But I think you deserve a taste of my flavor too. *giggles*” Betty crawls over Todd and stops when she is right over him, she then turns around presenting her wet pussy to Todd’s face. She turns to look at Todd and says with a seductive smile. “You wouldn’t mind giving my flower a good licking would you? I want your tongue all over my pussy.” Todd then proceeds to lick Betty’s Pussy, taking in her succulent nectar that continued to flow from her soft, inviting pussy.

Betty let’s out a gasp of pleasure as Todd eats her out, Betty returns the favor by sticking Todd’s dick in her mouth and begins sucking the massive rod. While on one side of the bed, Violet sits and pleasures herself while she watches Todd and Betty pleasure each other. Betty begins to deep throat Todd’s dick while Todd begins to penetrate Betty’s pussy with his tongue, the two letting out a loud moan of pleasure from the sensation the two were feeling. Betty then pulls Todd’s dick from her mouth and sits up, she turns to face Todd and says with a sexual tone. “Now comes the fun part, Toddy. Brace yourself.” Betty then aligns her pussy with the tip of Todd’s dick, then she slowly pushes his dick into her pussy until it slides all the way in. The two let out a gasp of sexual satisfaction as she begins to ride Todd’s meat pole. Violet then stands up and walks to Betty. With her pussy juice soaked fingers waving in front of Betty, Violet States. “You know what they say, two is better than one. How’s about letting me join in the fun?”

Betty follows Violet’s soaked fingers with her mouth wide open wanting to taste Violet sweet juices. “Alright, you can join in Violet. Just stop being a tease please,” Violet then let’s Betty suck on her fingers, afterwards Violet climbs onto the bed and sits on top of Todd’s face burying his face between her soft, round butt cheeks. “Ooh! I think he likes being buried in ass, Violet.” Exclaimed Betty. “He’s become even harder than before, keep it up. But make sure he gets some air every now and then, ok?” Betty asks Violet. “Mmh Hmm! No problem, Betty.”

Then Betty begins to feel herself about to climax, she grabs Todd’s hand and asks him. “Hold on, Sweetie. Don’t come yet, hold out for just a bit longer.” A few moments later and Betty ejaculates, soaking Todd’s penis with her warm pussy juice. “AAaahh!!! Mmh! So good! Now fill me with your hot juice Todd! Yes!” Betty exclaims as she drives Todd’s dick as deep into her as it can go and continuing to push herself down onto it until Todd cums inside of her. “OH MY GOD!!!! YES! YES! YES! Mmh!” Betty shouts as Todd’s hot cock juice flooded Betty’s pussy.

However, Todd is not done yet as he pulls his muzzle from Violet’s ass, buts her in the doggy style position, inserts his dick into Violet’s pussy, and begins humping her vigorously. Todd the leans forward and gropes Violet’s breasts while he continues to fuck her from behind. Betty stares on in amazement at how Todd handled Violet so sensually and wildly, she thinks to herself. “He definitely was a virgin. Now it looks like he’s become an addict. Maybe this is a good thing.” And for the next 40 minutes Todoxas kept pounding Violet’s pussy with the same passion and energy that he had when he started.

Then Todd reached his climax and ejaculated heavily inside Violet’s tight pussy. Both Todd and Violet collapse onto the bed in exhaustion and satisfaction. Betty walks up to Todd’s side and with a smile on her face she comments. “You sure where persistent weren’t you, Todd? Not only were you able to seduce me the way you did, but you also had enough energy and desire to fuck Violet too. I’m very Impressed, consider our contract fulfilled. After we have gotten ourselves cleaned up, we can begin to make the necessary arrangement’s. Care to join us?”

Todd looks up at Betty and with a smile he replies with “I would be honored, my lady.” It seems like things are finally starting to turn around in Todd’s favor and Todd has made some new friends too. But his story is not over, there are still more in store for our protagonist. So stay tuned for the next part to see what will happen next.


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